New content added …. Founders Day part 2 of the In Blackest Pits Campaign

Arkham Horror Card Game

Seth Oakman has finished part 2 (Founders Day) of his campaign In Blackest Pits. Go check it out.





You can download and vote on it HERE

In Blackest Pits is a fan-created campaign for Arkham Horror: The Card Game for 1-4 players. This file contains the second scenario: Founder’s Day. This scenario can be played on its own or combined with future scenarios yet to be released from the In Blackest Pits cycle to form a larger campaign.

After the events of the Initiation, you now know there is much to be learned from Carl Sanford and the lodge about the strange behaviors in Arkham. You’ve been given a handful of secrets about the esoteric and arcane nature of Sanford’s grand plan, but the details are only provided to trusted members. With Arkham’s annual Founder’s Day gathering approaching, you’ll need to involve a 3rd party to warn the city without exposing your true motivations to the lodge.

Will you be able to simultaneously secure Founder’s Day from erupting while also feeding a certain reporter intel without blowing your cover?

Includes necessary encounter and role cards from scenario 1, The Initiation.