New content added …. Delta Green Convergence

Arkham Horror Card Game

Ash (MrDodger) has created the scenario called Delta Green Convergence. Go check it out.

“Strange events are happening in the town of Groversville, events that have come to the attention of The Program, aka Delta Green. You have been dispatched to the town to discover if there is an anomalous incursion underway and if so deal with it – with extreme predjudice.”

You can download and vote on it HERE

Donate button added

Arkham Horror Card Game


I have added a way, for people to donate to help keep ArkhamCentral running.



ArkhamCentral has grown, and so has the number of scenarios being hosted, and the traffic used each day. I don’t want to go down the ads route, no one likes that, so I added a donate button in case anyone want to help pay for some of the hosting costs.

Thank you all for using the site.



Content updated …. Android Horror campaign

Arkham Horror Card Game

Jake Rubio has updated the first part of the campaign called Android Horror.

I made a bunch of improvements to the scenario and files. Here’s a list of what i changed:
– Made a full Campaign Guide
– Added Illustration credits to every card
– Made some changes with scenario 2 in mind
– Fixed many spelling and formatting errors
– Included a folder of printable images and a folder with individual images (including the scenario and custom investigators)!



You can download and vote on it HERE