Bridge of Sighs

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Author/Creator : Ben Cort (Gelband) all credits goes to him.


My verdict:

Background story: (4.0 / 5)
Visual experience: (5.0 / 5)
Overall experience: (4.0 / 5)
Average: (4.3 / 5)

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Would it be possible to upload the adventures in psd ?, I want to translate them into Spanish (a friend knows English, I do not). But I’m a graphic designer and I could lay out the adventure to send to a professional printing company.


One of my favorite memories in AH:LCG is from this adventure, so thank you for making it and making it available. I was kind of new to the game when I ran it, so if you are as well, make sure you read up on ‘Aloof’ first, and if the Agenda deck (or act Deck) doesn’t specify if the townsfolk have Aloof, assume they don’t have Aloof. I played this a bit wrong but it didn’t matter much in my particular experience. Anyway, great job on this.


This was a fun mission, but a little story light. Also, the non-violent path to victory seems next to impossible for anyone except ultra-clue hungry yellow characters.

Tony R

I had trouble playing this with 3 investigators. It didn’t seem possible to get the relic at the end, because there were not enough clues .


I think some of the people you meet at the locations need the ‘Townsfolk’ trait adding.
An enjoyable scenario though!