Blood spilled in Salem

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Author/Creator : Colin Towle (Shiver02) all credits goes to him.


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Background story: (5 / 5)
Visual experience: (5 / 5)
Overall experience: (5 / 5)
Average: (5 / 5)

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Hey !
I played trough it and it was really good. Would it be possible to get the source material for the scenario ? I am really interested in translating it to french.


Great level, lots of great original mechanics and the enemies all have great theme.

Mythos Storm

How did you interpret the playing of the notebook and the eye , I found this confusing?

I really enjoyed the theme and the production values in this scenario, but I was very disappointed with how the gameplay turned out. All of the ideas in the scenario are extremely interesting individually (the roaming cops, the omens, the item loss treachery card, the cursed eye of pohd, and more). But when they were all put together, they led to a frustrating slog of an adventure. We played with four players. The encounter deck is very enemy-dense, so it was not uncommon for each investigator to have one or more enemies to deal with every single turn. These enemies… Read more »
Will Dennis

im eager to play this but the set-up felt a little daunting with all the locations. anyone seen a suggested layout for it? sorry just being lazy LOL